Helpful Tips You Can Use When Moving Into A Self_Storage Unit

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Helpful Tips You Can Use When Moving Into A Self_Storage Unit

Whether you are using a self-storage unit as a temporary place to keep furnishings or you eed a long-term option for decluttering your home, a self-storage unit can offer a great solution to your storage needs. If you've never used a storage facility before, you may be wondering what you need to do when moving in. Here are a few helpful tips you can use as you prepare to use a storage unit.

Rent A Truck

Chances are, you don't want to make lots of trips to and from your home and the self-storage unit. Make arrangements to rent a moving truck or van in advance so you can transfer everything to the storage unit in one trip. If you aren't comfortable driving a box truck on your own, talk to the staff at the truck rental location. In some cases, they can offer driving services, which means you can rent the truck and a driver for your move-in day. You should also make arrangements with the storage facility to use any loading dock or designated truck parking on the day of your move.

Take Time To Pack And Organize

Having a plan for organizing the items being stored inside of the unit will help to make your items easier to find when you need them. Take a few days and go through every room of your home to identify items that you want to move into storage. Place a sticker on large furnishings to indicate they are leaving the home, and begin to box up smaller items. Make a list of the items going into storage so you can check them off on moving day. Keep the list posted inside of the storage unit for future reference, and mark any items you remove from storage on the list so you always have an accurate inventory of your storage space.

Purchase A New Lock

Some storage units come with padlocks or other security features, while other facilities may require that you provide your own. In either case, it's a good idea to invest in your own padlock. For example. a facility that supplies locks may not change them after a tenant leaves, which might mean that someone you don't know has access to your storage space and knowledge of where it is located. Purchase your own padlock, and make copies of the key for safekeeping. As an added measure of security, you can also install a motion sensor alarm or a wireless camera to provide added peace of mind when storing valuables.

With the right precautions and moving plan, you can feel confident that your items will be safe and secure while tucked away in storage. Contact a facility, like Security Self Storage, for more help.

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