Moving? Tips on How to Pack Your Moving Boxes

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Moving? Tips on How to Pack Your Moving Boxes

Getting ready to pack up your home for a big move? If so, be aware that there are some common mistakes that can be made when putting everything into boxes. These tips will help ensure a more organized move where everything makes it to your new home in one piece.

Buy Plenty of Boxes

You will need a lot of moving boxes. In fact, you'll need more than you probably think you need at first. Don't be afraid to go overboard when buying your moving materials, especially if you can return unused boxes. You do not want to find yourself in a situation where you run out of boxes and you end up packing items in tote bags near the end.

If you're moving on a small budget, track down some used boxes that you can purchase. Check online ads after the first of the month when people tend to schedule a move, and find people that are getting rid of their used boxes. They'll hold up just fine, and you can buy them at a fraction of the cost.

Avoid Over-packing Your Boxes

Having plenty of boxes will also prevent over-packing them. A lack of boxes mean that you'll be cramming items into each box, which will not provide adequate protection to the items inside.

For instance, you may try to overfill a box with your dishes. When you have a box filled to the top, the weight can become very heavy. If you're not careful, the tape could rip off the bottom of the box and cause all your dishes to break. Separating the dishes out across several boxes can avoid over-packing and keep everything safe.

Fill Boxes to the Top

It is important that you pick the right size box for your items and fill them to the top. Heavy items should be in the smallest possible box, and then have the top of the box filled with extra towels or rubble wrap to give the box some cushioning.

Filling a box to the top will help protect it during a move. The heavy weight of a box on top of it will not cause the bottom box to collapse. Having some additional padding to support the top of the box will help ensure everything is safe once it is stacked into a moving truck.

Reach out to a local moving company through sites like for more tips on using boxes for a move.

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