3 Money-Saving Tips When Hiring Local Movers

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3 Money-Saving Tips When Hiring Local Movers

Going through a move is stressful enough, even if you're just moving to the next town over. You shouldn't have to worry about the cost of the move on top of everything else. By being armed with a few key pieces of information, you can learn what to ask your local moving company and start saving a few dollars right away. Read through this list to find out about three money saving tips you can use when you're getting ready to hire a moving company. 

1. Ask For Boxes

Many of the leading moving companies recycle boxes. This means you can head to the warehouse and pick up quality moving boxes for little to no cost. Just ask your local mover if they have used boxes available. If not, find out if they offer a discount by purchasing boxes directly through them and if you can get any money back by turning those boxes back in when your move is complete. 

2. Book During Off-Seasons

Moving during the busy holiday season or throughout summer months is likely going to cost you more money. During holidays, moving companies often have to pay their movers a higher wage, which trickles down to you having to pay more out of pocket. Summer move dates often come with a higher cost because more people are out on the roads traveling, which slows down your local movers.

Plus, the rising cost of fuel during warmer months and needing to use air conditioning, also causes your moving quote to surge. If you know you need to relocate in the next year, ask your residential moving service company when it's most cost effective to book your move. In many cases, scheduling throughout fall or winter months is considered off-peak, which can save you money. 

3. Find Out About Insurance Coverage 

Your residential moving company offers several solutions to insure your goods. Adding on coverage is almost always optional, and sometimes your belongings are minimally protected, even if you don't add on insurance. Depending on what you're moving, how far you're moving, and whether or not you're packing your own stuff, you might not need the additional insurance offered by the moving company. Talk with your own insurance agent and find out if your belongings are protected under your homeowners or renter's policy. If your personal policy doesn't cover your goods during a local move, you might be able to add that type of coverage to your current policy.

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