Five Reasons Your Small Retail Shop Needs A Storage Unit

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Five Reasons Your Small Retail Shop Needs A Storage Unit

Storage units can help you expand your shop space without the need to move to a larger location. The following are a few ways a storage unit can help your small retail store.

1. Seasonal Materials

Seasonal promotional materials can take up a lot of space in your shop's back room, but you don't want to get rid of them if they can be used again next year. Move those displays to a climate controlled storage unit so that they will be safe from the elements but also not in your way in the shop. Store items together for each season so you can easily find them when it's time to switch out your signage and displays.

2. Show Displays

If you participate in any type of industry show, from trade shows to vendor events, you likely have tables, displays, and product racks that you use for these events. You may also have special products or boxes of brochures that are just for show purposes. Since these items are only used occasionally, storing them in a dedicated storage unit protects them and prevents them from taking up space in your shop.

3. Excess Inventory

There are many reasons to have excess inventory, such as ordering ahead for a busy season or when your room is limited due to a remodel. Yet, storing that inventory onsite may not always be possible. A secure storage unit can house your excess inventory until you need it back in your shop. A storage space rental can be much more cost effective than moving to a location with a larger warehouse, especially if you don't need extra storage year around.

4. Document Storage

Many businesses are required to keep certain documents for a prescribed period of time. If you don't have room on site to store the documents, you can store them in a storage unit instead. Just keep in mind that certain documents, like customer records, may be subject to privacy laws. Ensure that the storage facility you choose meets any legal restrictions that may apply to the documents you have.

5. Large Equipment

Large equipment may not always be in use, so it can really eat up shop space when its sitting idle. For example, outdoor tents and racks for sidewalk sales are typically only used a few days out of the year, but you have to store them the rest of the time. You may also have manufacturing equipment that is only used a few days each month or in certain seasons, or you may have backup equipment you don't want to get rid of but don't yet need.

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