4 Things To Avoid For A Great Self Storage Experience

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4 Things To Avoid For A Great Self Storage Experience

Tidy, minimalist spaces can be good for your mental health. However, many people don't want to give up their belongings to achieve the minimalist aesthetic. Fortunately, storage units allow people to keep all their items out of sight and out of mind. Self storage units can be a wonderful help for homeowners and renters alike as long as they're utilized properly. You can have the best possible self storage experience by avoiding these common mistakes:

1. Don't toss items haphazardly into your storage unit.

When placing items into storage, it's always wise to box them beforehand. Putting items in boxes allows you to move more belongings in fewer trips. It also allows you to protect fragile items with bubble wrap and other protective storage supplies. Boxes can be neatly stacked to save room in your storage unit. Don't rush when it comes to packing and filling your self storage unit. A little bit of time invested upfront will pay off in the future.

2. Don't underestimate or overestimate your storage needs.

Self storage units come in many sizes. Some units are the size of a large locker, while others are the size of a full room. Underestimating your storage needs can leave you without a safe space to store all of your belongings. Conversely, overestimating your storage needs can cost you more money in the long run since you'll be paying for space you aren't using. Ideally, you should measure the boxes and bulky items that you plan to store and use that measurement to decide what size of storage unit to rent.

3. Don't forget to lock your storage unit.

Self storage units provide secure storage for valuables and common household goods. However, your storage unit is only as secure as your lock. You'll need to provide a combination lock or padlock to secure your storage unit. Always lock your unit after opening it to ensure that thieves don't take your belongings.

4. Don't store prohibited items.

Finally, you must avoid storing prohibited items in your self storage unit. Storage units allow renters to store most household goods, but a few common items are banned to protect everyone's health and safety. You cannot store hazardous materials in your storage unit, which includes things like cleaning chemicals, lighter fluid, and other flammable objects. You also can't store live animals or perishable foods. Abiding by all your self storage facility's rules will ensure that you can continue using their services.

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